General Golf Courses Regulation

Chapter I – GOLF COURSES – General Information.

01Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses abide by the rules of Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

02Golf Course players don’t need to have a recognized handicap, as long as they are aware of the “Golf Etiquette” and general rules. Our booking department is responsible for managing the tee times, according to the handicap and pace of play.

03The golf players should follow strictly the “Golf Etiquette”.

04The matches are due to start on the 1 st hole of each course, unless it is informed otherwise.

05The maximum number of players per flight is 4.

06Practice is only allowed on the driving range, putting green and chipping green.

07All rental equipment (driving range ball’s basket, buggies and trolleys) must be delivered to the caddy master, after finishing their use.

08Golf Supervisor or his substitute, may at any time and whenever circumstances require, interrupt the game or close the course.

09Tee times and course operations are managed by the board of Ilhas de Valor.

10Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses are closed on January 1st and December 25th.

11Ilhas de Valor is not responsible for the storage or loss of equipment, goods or values on the golf course, clubhouse, warehouse and caddie master.



 Chapter II - GOLF COURSES – Bookings.

12Bookings should be made by telephone: 296498559 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

13All players must check-in at the Pro-shop’s before teeing off.

14To all players will be provided a document, which is to be submitted to the starter/ caddie master.

15Caddie master and/or starter, when justified, may add players to flights that are not completed.

16A No Show fee (100% of total amount) will be applied to those bookings canceled, without any valid justification.



Chapter III - GOLF COURSES – Access to the Courses.

17Players should be on the 1 st tee approximately 10 minutes, before their tee time.

18Players should comply with tee time instructions from the starter/ caddie master.

19Those players who arrive later to the tee box might lose their tee time. Therefore, a new tee time will be arranged by the starter/ caddie master.

20Players who, for whatever reason, interrupt a game might lose their positions on the course. After marshall/ starter indication, players can return to the course in order to finish their game.

21It is not allowed for two players to share the same set of clubs.

22Players shall not use the courses as practicing facilities, unless on the designated areas such as the driving range, chipping or putting green.

23Animals are not allowed on the golf course and practice areas.

24The use of range balls are not allowed on the golf course during the game. The violation of this rule requires a payment of a fine with an estimated amount of 50 Euros with immediate suspension, to be informed by the Board of Ilhas de Valor.

25Golf Supervisor has full authority over the course, pace of play and rules of etiquette. Therefore, he is responsible for assuring that all the players are aware of these rules and regulations.


Chapter IV – GOLF COURSES – Etiquette - Pace of play.

26Any flight that loses their place on the course, or with a hole distance from the group ahead, should let threw the group behind. This rule is also applied to the tournaments. 

27Flights of 1or 2 players don’t have any priority on the course, unless if playing an official tournament.

28Players must repair properly divots and pitch marks on the respective greens.

29Players should use and leave the bunkers on the nearest point facing the level of the green, and should fix the bunkers before proceeding.

30Players should register their score after leaving the green.

31Before heading to the green, players should place their trolleys and buggies towards next tee.



Chapter V – GOLF COURSES – Etiquette - Dress Code.

32Players should follow the proper golf dress code and ensure that family and guests respect this rule.

33It is considered as part of appropriate men´s clothing: pants, golf shorts and shirts with collar a sleeve or half sleeve. Players may use a base layer with half high neck and long sleeve. Dress code to avoid: classic t-shirts, tank tops, pants and denim shorts, track suits, bathing suits and tennis shorts.

34It is considered as part of appropriate women´s clothing: pants, golf shorts and shirts with collar and sleeve or half sleeve, tops, vests, dresses, skirts and blouses. Dress code to avoid: classic t-shirts tank tops, bathing suits, track suits, pants and denim shorts and tennis shorts.

35It is recommended the use of golf shoes (soft spikes) on the golf course and practice areas, although it is allowed to wear tennis shoes.




36It is only allowed to hit balls within the designated areas.

37Respect other players keeping quiet.

38Ilhas de Valor is not responsible for accidents caused by misuse of the equipment.

39The use of practice areas, without the supervision of a teaching professional is allowed to people with no handicap.

40It is not allowed to retrieve range balls that were used on the driving range.

41Dress code rules are not applied on the driving range.



Chapter VII - BUGGIES.

42Buggies can only be used after delivery of the rental ticket obtained at the Pro-Shop.

43Buggies can only be driven by people with a minimum of 18 years old.

44It is only allowed two people, with two golf bags per buggy.

45Buggies are only allowed at the following areas:
                   a) parking lot;
                   b) golf course.

46Buggies are not allowed in the tees, greens, fringes and bunkers.

47It is mandatory to keep buggies on the existing paths, or roughs when there are no buggy paths.

48It is not allowed to park buggies on the tee slopes.

49Buggy signs must be strictly followed.

50The use of buggies outside of the golf course and practice areas is not allowed, especially on the driving range. The buggies should be parked on the designated areas.

51The designated driver is fully responsible for any damage caused to people, surrounding areas and including themselves and their personal property, caused by non-compliance with traffic and safety rules.

52The Supervisor may at any time and when circumstances requires, implement specific rules for the use of buggies and might even stop or prohibit the use of buggies on the golf course.

53Supervisor, or his subordinate, may at any time and whenever circumstances justifies, close the course due to weather conditions or course maintenance. Alternative solutions should be presented to the players.

54Supervisor may restrict the use of buggies, when necessary.

Chapter VIII – Golf Supervisor & Operations.

55Ilhas de Valor will designate the golf Supervisor which is responsible, in general, to ensure the proper use of Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses according to the General Rules and Regulations. Therefore he has the right to:

56.1Be responsible for an effective implementation of the designated Rules and Regulations;

56.2Ensure procedures that are necessary for providing quality standards for all players at Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses, which compiles:

                   a) rules and behavior to adopt in Golfing Areas and surroundings;
                   b) the appropriate time to play a round of Golf (pace of play);
                   c) the number of players of each Starting-Time;
                   d) the dress code allowed on the Golf Course;
                   e) the correct use of the Golfing Areas, including the designated paths where the buggies and/or trolleys are allowed to be used;
                   f) the definition of the daily opening and closing hours, as well as the use of the golf course;
                   g) any other issue concerning the daily management of Furnas and Batalha Golf Courses.

57The rules should be communicated to the players and are available for consultation at Furnas and Batalha Club Houses.

58It is the Golf Supervisor that is also responsible for the disciplinary authority.

59The Golf Supervisor may designate one or more persons for applying, in his absence, the rights assigned to it, according to the present rules and regulations. 


Chapter IX – Disciplinary Offenses.

60It is considered disciplinary offense the act or behavior of a player who compromises the procedures explained on this regulation and rules.

61The performance of acts or behavior which are disciplinary offense, but are not likely to lead to the extinction of the Contract, makes the player incurring in the following penalties:

                   a) Written notice;
                   b) Loses the right to make reservations and the right to benefit from those made reservations on your behalf, at the earliest 10 minutes prior to their Starting-Time. This penalty is valid for a period, which may last until the end of the current year. To notice that this sanction is no longer valid after one year from the date that the disciplinary offense was registered;
                   c) Others to be mentioned by the Golf Supervisor.

62Shall be applied the penalties explained on the subparagraphs (a) and (b) of paragraph 61, according to the recurrence of the offender.

63The sanctions referred in subparagraph (b) of paragraph 61 shall be applied, depending on the level of seriousness of the offense and repeated infraction of the offender. It is also taken in account the acts and behaviors that compromises these rules and regulations as well as the Golf rules. Furthermore, injuries or damage to other players or users of Batalha and Furnas Golf Courses, including the staff of Ilhas de Valor.

64The instructor of the process will be the Golf Supervisor, or designee, but penalties are always applied by the board of Ilhas de Valor.

65The sanctions will be applied preceding the hearing, in written form by the offender, who shall have a period of 12 days to submit his defense regarding to the acts or behaviors that he is subjected.

65.1Being one of the penalties imposed by subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c) of paragraph 61 and paragraph 23, the player may appeal, within 5 days, to the Board of Ilhas de de Valor.

65.2The appeal shall have suspense effect, until final judgment by the Board of Ilhas de Valor.


These Rules & Regulations have been approved by the board of Ilhas de Valor in January 1st, 2017.