Conditions for subscribers

1. Signing up

aBatalha & Furnas Golf Courses are available, to those that would like to have a subscription. For subscribing, the subscriber should fill in the form available on the following link: There the subscriber can selected the best option, according to the conditions and prices established by the golf courses. 

bAfter the subscription is submitted, the subscriber will receive an email confirming his acceptance, as well as the number of identification and a copy of the relevant information (e.g. conditions for subscribers, the use of golfing rental equipment and related prices).

cThe services subscribed are established annually. Therefore, the subscriber has to pay the total amount, while is subscribing. The option subscribed cannot be changed or cancelled within a year

dThe subscribers may choose the debit direct payment. In order to choose this option, the subscribers should fill in and sign the related form and then deliver it to the reception at Batalha Golf Course.

eWhile submitting our services, the subscriber is accepting the conditions here defined, as well as, the other information enclosed.

fIn no case shall the criteria determining acceptance or rejection of a new User discriminate against any person or persons because of their race, marital / family status, sex, religion, creed, color, ancestry, age, disability, nationality, or other discretionary allocation.

gIlhas de Valor SA has the right to refuse the subscriptions of those, who don’t follow the conditions here described.

hEach subscription is valid during one year and it is renewed at the beginning of each year. If the subscriber, would like to cancel his subscription, he is allowed to do it. Therefore, it is necessary to send an email within a week.


2. Payment Policy

aIlhas de Valor SA, is responsible for issuing an invoice of the total amount, which will be sent by email to each subscriber. If the subscriber prefer, it can be deliver personally, as requested.

bThe subscribers, may choose one option of the following three options of payment: total amount, trimestral (February, May, August and November) or monthly (only eligible for Debit Direct Operations). The payments are going to be collected until the 5 th day of each month.

cIlhas de Valor SA, has available the following means of payment: debit card, credit card, cheque, cash or debit direct. It is also possible to require a long distance payment for the American Express card holders.


3. Welcoming & Support

aIlhas de Valor SA, has a member of his staff, designated only for welcoming and supporting the subscribers at the reception of Batalha Golf Course. He will  be responsible for helping the subscribers on a weekly regime.

bThe subscribers may also send an email to the following address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for any questions or doubts.

cAs a first time subscriber, Ilhas de Valor SA is responsible for assuring a  “welcome tour” to the new subscriber, in order to showing him the facilities, the team, the schedules and the services available.


4. Facilities and Golfing Rental Equipment

aFor further information, please read the section “General Conditions of Batalha & Furnas Golf Courses” and “Conditions of Golfing Rental  Equipment for Batalha & Furnas Golf Courses”.


5. Filiation with Golf Clubs  

aThe subscribers, that would like to be affiliate with the Portuguese Golf Federation, have to be associated with a Golf Club. 

bIlhas de Valor SA, is not responsible for register new, neither managing   existing Handicaps (EGA). Therefore, the subscribers need to be affiliate with  a Golf Club in order to benefit of this feature.



aIlhas de Valor SA, is entitled of establishing reciprocal agreements, with national or international Golf Courses, adding an extra value to all subscribers. 


7. Cancellations & changes of the subscriptions

aThe subscribers, are allowed to request a cancellation of their subscription to   Ilhas de Valor SA, according to the following conditions: 

                1) Being living outside of the Azores for a six month period, with a valid justification and certified proof provided accepted by Ilhas de Valor, SA; 
                2) Health reasons, which don’t allow the Golf practice, for a six month period, with a valid justification and certified proof provided accepted by Ilhas de Valor, SA; 

bThe subscriber, may request a change on the initial subscription submitted, as  long as:

                    1) having their fees paid at the present being;
                    2) subscribing an option with a superior amount.


8. Overdue Annual Fees

aIf the annual fees remained unpaid for an exceeding period of 45 days, the subscriber will be losing the benefits of their subscription. Therefore, it will be charge the prices of local sales in all services (green fees, practice areas, pro-shops and restaurants).

bIf exceeding the period of 90 days, Ilhas de Valor SA is entitled of demanding  the payment of the overdue annual fees, in order to readmitting or considering a new subscription.   

cIlhas de Valor SA, may only accept a new subscription of an overdue subscriber within one year.