Hole by hole

Course A:

01With a wide open fairway to aim at, this medium length par 5 gently eases you into your round. The second shot will have to carry the lakes on the left, setting up a simple approach to a gently rolling green.

02This difficult par 3 is often played into the wind and the green is further than it looks. The deep swale in front of the green will swallow up any shot that does not carry to the green.

03This is a simple downhill par 4 where your tee shot must hug the left side of the fairway. Beware of the out of bounds on the right which sneaks in menacingly close to the right side of the fairway.

04A long par 5 that will require 3 full shots to reach the green. The more you dare bite off on the left on the tee shot, the greater the possibility of clearing the brow of the hill, some 100m short of the green.

05A very tricky hole where accuracy off the tee is crucial. With a little luck and a good forward bounce on the drive, the second shot can be reduced to a short iron in spite of the holes 385m length.

06A monster par 4, with the second shot playing uphill to a well defended green. Should the prevailing wind be blowing, you will need everything in the bag to reach this green in two shots.

07Playing downhill, this medium length par 4 is a welcome relief after the tribulations of the previous hole. The second shot plays uphill to an elevated green making the distance to the flag difficult to judge.

08A great par 3, challenging by its length and the numerous bunkers that defend the green.

09This is a risk and reward hole teasing you to cut off as much of the dogleg to the right as you dare. The large eucalyptus trees can however destroy any over ambitious or errant shot. The large slopping green will test your putting skills to the full.



Course B:

01Length is the main challenge of this slight right hand dogleg par 4 which plays up the hillside. The green is defended on the sides with a generous open entrance.

02Accuracy off the tee rather than length is crucial for this narrow par 4. The elevated green is deceptively fast and will require a deft putting touch.

03This majestic par 5 is strategic golf at its best. The green is temptingly reachable in two, but any wayward shot will be severely punished by the fairway bunkers or in the thick undergrowth.

04This fairly short par 4 plays up to the highest part of the property and offers spectacular views of the coastline and the ocean beyond.

05The tall eucalyptus that towers down the middle of the fairway creates the drama of this magnificent par 5. Do you play left, right, over the top or short is a question only you can answer. The elevated green and sloping surface create the perfect finale for this great hole.

06The high tees offer one of the best panoramas of this part of the island. Golf feels somewhat secondary when gazing over this wonderful scenery.

07back to business and the home stretch. If you still have a score to protect, beware of this difficult par 4, dogleg left, particularly the devious sloping green where 3 putting is a common occurrence.

08The main danger of this par 4 lies on the right hand side where the out of bounds comes menacingly close. The large green offers numerous flag positions which can dramatically affect the difficulty of the approach.

09This is a wonderful finishing par 3 with the clubhouse and the watching crowds overlooking the green. The green is treacherous with big swings and borrows between possible flag positions. The tee shot must be hit in close for any chance of a birdie or even a par.



Course C:

01PAR 4
Perhaps the most demanding tee shoot on the course, with a narrow fairway and trees on both sides makes it tough, leaving a long iron shot to the green.

02PAR 5
A reachable par five in two for the long hitters but the second shot will be a very big gamble. Playing to the corner of the dog leg right will leave you with a short approach to an elevated green.

03PAR 3
Good par 3 measuring 202yards from the back tee. The green is surrounded by bunkers and there is a large grass hollow on the right.

04PAR 4
The most scenery tee shot of the course. The down hill fairway gives an extra roll on the ball leaving you with a short iron to a green guarded by a lake on the right side.

05PAR 3
A very picturesque par 3 playing over two lakes. A club selection is crucial especially when the wind is blowing against.

06PAR 4
A good tee shot placement opens up the approach shot to a very targeting green, surround by bunkers O.O.B on the left and a big drop of land on the right.

07PAR 4
A gambler tee shot for the long hitters cutting the dog leg left over the trees and O.O.B leaves you with a easy approach shot, otherwise you must position your tee shot of 220 yards to the gap leaving you a mid to a short iron to the green.

08PAR 4
A precise tee shot away from the well positioned bunker on the left sets up the best angle for your second. The pin position on this green can make the approach very difficult.

09PAR 5
A 90º dog leg right with a very narrow landing zone if you try to hit a driver of the tee, makes the tee shot very interesting. Playing over the right side bunker on the corner leaves you an easier second shot. The second shot can be played just short of the bunker on the left or a long second shot down the slope sets up an easier approach to the green.