Hole by hole

01This gentle par 4 gets you straight into the spirit of the golf course. Both sides of the fairway are lined by majestic Japanese Cedars creating a daunting first tee shot.

02This challenging par 3 will test your short game skills as the undulating green offers little chance of recovery for the errant tee shot. The water at the foot of the tees should not come into play.

03The trick on this short par 5 lies with the tee shot. A well hit drive, biting off the edge of the dogleg to the right can easily place the green within range.

04This difficult par 4 requires accuracy off the tee in order to open the green for the second shot. The elevated green, defended by a deep bunker on the left, falls off steeply at the back towards the trees.

05This is a difficult par 5 hole to negotiate on a first visit. The tee shot has to be hit well over the hedge line on the right and the hesitant golfer, playing too far left, will easily find his second shot blocked by trees. The elevated green, defended on both sides and at the back by bunkers is a tiny target to reach in two.

06Playing alongside a volcanic funnel on the right, you can truly appreciate the unique nature of this spectacular course. This sharp dogleg right will tempted you to fly the corner over the lush vegetation. A good iron shot is all that is needed as, if too long, your tee shot can easily reach the lake on the far of the fairway. A short approach to a well defended green is the recompense for a well placed tee shot.

07One of the hardest holes on the course, this long par 4 requires both length and accuracy to reach the green in two shots. The right hand side is to be avoided at all costs.

08Water menacingly encroaches on this unassuming par 3, with a lake abutting the back of the green and a stream dangerously close on the right.

09A great hole to finish off the front nine, with a large fairway allowing you to open up those shoulders on the tee shot. Once again the elevated green offers a challenging target to hit and a difficult test to recover from should you miss.


You might want to take a breather at this point and enjoy a moment of rest at the halfway house before setting off to tackle the back nine.


10If you can successfully negotiate your tee shot through the narrow passage between the trees, this hole offers one of the best birdie chances on the course. Disaster looms, however, for the errant tee shot.

11A straight forward simple par 3, where the effect of the wind will be the hardest criteria to judge from the sheltered tees.

12This clever short par 4 requires accuracy rather than length from the tee shot. The passage between the trees for the second shot is very narrow and the height of the trees will render any recovery shot to the green near impossible.

13This long par 4 will require everything you have in the bag to reach the green in two. The tiny target and the stream on the right make this hole, probably the toughest challenge of the round.

14You are now entering the home stretch and this straight forward par 5 offers a great opportunity to put in a strong finish. There is room on the left for the tee shot, and the green is definitely reachable in two shots.

15A short par 4 with plenty of room off the tee, a good approach should give you a fighting birdie chance.

16This pleasant par 3 playing back towards the clubhouse should not present too great a challenge, aside from the two bunkers protecting either side of the green.

17This hole plays shorter than it looks and although the cedars alongside the fairway look menacing, there is more room than meets the eye. Beware though of the water features that guard the left side of the green.

18A suitably spectacular par 5 to finish off what was hopefully a memorable round. The tee shot over the rise is blind, but there is plenty of room on the right. For most players this is a 3 shot par 5, with only the longest hitters being able to reach in two. The elevated green offers an open approach, overlooked by the clubhouse nearby.