Marc Amort



Marc Amort is a fully qualified Golf Professional of the PGA of Germany. After 10 years of playing on several Professional Tours worldwide he now concentrates on teaching the game of golf. From beginners to highly ranked Professionals he teaches all kinds of levels. 

Over the last years Marc Amort invented several recognized practice devices such as the Feedback Putter and the feedback Putt Kit. 

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By attending seminars regularly and by the experiences made with his golf students he improves the quality of his lessons continuously. In the 2012 „Teacher of the Year“ vote of the PGA of Germany he was voted Top 20 in Germany. 

Marc Amort made his examination as Golf Manager with Diploma (IST/GMVD).

Marc Amort is the Head Professional of the Marc Amort Golf Academy based at the Golfclub Owingen-Überlingen.