Pitch and Putt (Batalha)

Our Pitch and Putt is located near the driving range at Batalha golf course. 
The Pitch and Putt was idealized and designed by our golf professional Rui Indio and executed with perfection in partnership with our green keeper Manuel Peixoto. 

It’s a small par 3 golf course with 6 holes where you can get acquaintance with the golf rules and the obstacles existing on the course and where the whole family can enjoy themselves regardless their game level or age. 

The duration of the round on the Pitch and Putt, regardless of being a 6, 9 or 18 holes, is always less than if it was played on a traditional golf course.

The acquisition of the golf equipment is less expensive regarding you only have paly with a minimum number of clubs to practice on this area( for a non-golfer). 

One round costs less than in a traditional course.

It’s a jump start for the traditional golf, after you completed enough golf classes to get a notion of the Swing, the Pitch & Putt will give you an idea of golf as a sport. 

Pitch & Putt is an excellent practice area for all players as we all know the short game is the key for improving their game. 

The Pitch & Putt can also be used by gym teacher to help them promote and teach golf in schools. The pitch& putt can also be used for events and incentive programs.

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